My knowledge and experience in commercial lending gives me an incredible advantage in commercial sales. I’m a skilled negotiator with great connections to off market properties.


If you’re not quite ready to commit to a commercial space to own, leasing is a great way to continue to build your business. I can find the right place for you!

Investment Properties

Increasing wealth via investment properties is a great decision. Let me help you grow.

Industrial Properties

I understand the value of the land and building used to store, manufacture or process your company’s goods. Let me use my skills and network to find the right place for you!

Market Comparables

I invest time into ensuring my awareness of Market Comparables is accurate and up to date, ensuring that I can negotiate the best price for your purchase.


My experience as a commercial and home project manager, commercial lender and commercial real estate agent sets me apart from anyone else in Southern Idaho. I have the work ethic, connections and expertise to ensure the right property at the right price for your commercial needs.

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